Frequently Asked Questions

We compiled the most common FAQs here

Frequently Asked Questions

01) How does the 24H membership work?

All of our gyms offer 24H access to the facilities for members over 18 years old. Each member is given a security code to access the facilities, which are equipped with monitored cameras for your safety. The security code grants you unlimited access to the premises of the facilities included in your package.

02) What is All Access?

The all-access package permits full access to each of our facilities, as well as any new facilities opened during your membership.

03) Do you offer any classes?

Currently, the gym offers an afterschool program for children 4-15 years old, which includes ninja warrior and obstacle course activities, but no adult classes.

04) What are the age limits for a gym membership?

Members must be over fifteen (15) to have a membership at our facilities. Only members over (eighteen) 18 years old are given a code to access the gym outside of team hours. Under-18 members must be accompanied by a parent/guardian when signing up and are only allowed into the facility during team hours.

05) How many times am I allowed to use the gym each month?

Members are allowed to attend the gym as many times as they wish during each month, week or day. By paying for a gym membership, you are granted unlimited access to the entire facility. The only additional fees associated with the gym are the Sauna and Massage rooms located at our Sheraton facility.